We connect people in Montreal

We don’t have all the answers – but we can always connect you with someone who does. We’ve made lots of connections all in the hopes of helping entrepreneurs get to the next level. 
Our mentors are united by their fierce passion to help start-ups succeed by offering 1:1 guidance and advice on topics including:

  • Bookkeeping procedures
  • Outsourcing options
  • Business development
  • Pursuing sustainable business growth
  • Customer retention and acquisition
  • Growth hacking
  • Branding

Elaine Rosenberg
Lawyer, Rosenberg Attorney Inc.

Avy Loren-Cohen
CEO ALC Business Consulting

Avie Dolgy
Merchandise/Sales Manager, Lisak Trading Ltd.

Nancy Cleman
Lawyer, Lapointe Rosenstein Marchand Melançon

David Horowitz
Senior Manager, HTA Direct Sourcing

David Potofsky
Financial Analyst, Knight Therapeutics Inc.

Eyal Toledano
CRO & Director, Sociable Labs, Spoil Inc.

Frederic Moreau
CEO, PÖL Digital


Hania Hammoud
Family Business and Wealth Consultant, Hammoud Law Firm

Howard Silverman
President and CEO, The CAI Global Group

Ilana Edery
Senior Auditor, Nexia Friedman

Jed Richman
Senior Manager, Vision Services, CoolWay

Jillian Friedman
Principal Attorney, Friedman Law

Jonathan Green
President and CEO, Le Groupe Green

Lawrence Young
President, Lawrence Young and Associates Inc.

Lenny April
Vice-President, Crowdstaffing

Leonard Liben
Entrepreneur, Locations Rentan Retails, L&L Furniture

Marissa Sidel
President, National Dispatch Services

Matt Fogel

Mel Leitman
Consultant and Advisor, Cavendish Business Consultants

Michael Mire
Co-Founder and CRO, Sweet IQ

Michael Stern
Partner, Ernst & Young

Richard Benzakein
Founder, Metaux Depot Inc.

Sheldon Krakower
Partner, MNP LLP.

Sissy Duong
Senior Auditor, FL Fuller Landeau SENCRL LLP.

Stuart Engel
Serial Entrepreneur, Fresh-Aire UV, Sanuvox Technologies

Warren Goodman
Corporate and Commercial Lawyer, Mediator

Gil Gruber
Entrepreneur, Direct Objective Consulting

Laurie Mosse
Advisor, Nor-Asean Trading

Nancy Hammond
Executive, National Bank, Toronto Dominion Bank

Robert Heckler
President, Tridome Construction Corporation

Peter Lewis
President and CEO, Danawares Corp.

Earl Fixman
Ladies Fashion Retailer/Business Dreamer and Founder, Modes Cazza Inc.

Karen O'Mahony
CEO and Founder, Brandlucent

Jill Selick
Founder of Rubix Marketing

Jack Wiltzer
President, C.O.O. and director

Leslie Laing
CEO, Fonora Textile Inc.

Rod Dobson
President, Elton Park Consultants Inc.

Steve Engels
CEO, GNR Technologies

Fred Carsley

Robert Ralph
Management Consultant, Oliver Wyman

Navi Cohen

Francois Bloch