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ProMontreal Entrepreneurs (PME) Mentorship Program

The goal of the mentor program is to match the expertise and interests of our volunteer mentors with the expressed needs of the entrepreneur who requires assistance in improving his/her business operations.

We will do our best to match mentor / entrepreneurs through personal profiles, interest inventories, interviews and get-acquainted sessions.

Who can be guided and helped?

Any entrepreneur who is in need of advice and support for his/her business operations.

What are the benefits for the entrepreneur?

  • Receive support and advice on financial, technical, legal, or any other general issue
  • Learn business strategies and techniques from a mentor with experience
  • Increase your awareness through the sharing of information

Who is a mentor?

A mentor is a confidential advisor or coach with the purpose of working as a sharer of information, communicator, facilitator and advisor to the entrepreneur.

What are the benefits for mentors?

  • The opportunity to positively influence another entrepreneur by sharing your skills, values and experiences
  • The pleasure of seeing other businesses succeed
  • Productive use of your knowledge
  • Renewing your interest in your own work through connection to young entrepreneurs and their energy
  • Giving back to the community

For more information, please contact us at 514-345-6419 or email [email protected]


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