About ProMontreal Entrepreneurs

The fall funding round is now open for applications. Deadline to apply: October 19 at 4PM


We believe in our youth and in their infinite potential. We invest in that potential.
ProMontreal Entrepreneurs program offers a number of distinct services to support entrepreneurs.


We Offer:

  • Business plan feedback and guidance
  • A network of mentors and investors
  • Guidance & referrals on accessing alternative funding sources 


ProMontreal Entrepreneurs (PME) is a mentor-driven accelerator that helps early stage businesses, and is the brainchild of Stephen Bronfman and James Alexander. Our mandate is to help young entrepreneurs build and strengthen their business roots in Montreal. We provide $50K in capital and access to veteran entrepreneurs, angel investors, VCs, and senior executives, as well as, perks and services. Now celebrating its 21 years in operation, PME can boast having helped ignite 81 businesses that employ approximately 800 people and with a combined approximate revenue of 50 million dollars.


 In order to qualify for the PME Fund, the following criteria must be met:

  • The Shareholder(s) of the start-up must be a member(s) of the Jewish Community.  
  • The majority Shareholder(s) of the start-up must be 18 or older.  
  • The majority Shareholder(s) of the start-up must have Canadian citizenship or permanent resident status in Canada.
  • The applicant must reside in the greater Montreal area.  
  • The applicant must be a registered member of ProMontreal Entrepreneurs.  
  • The start-up business must be based in the greater Montreal area and in operation for less than two years.  
  • The applicant must have two letters of reference.  
  • The applicant must submit the following: a PME Fund application form, a CV, a business plan including three year cash flows, income statements and balance sheets, and a detailed list of the required funds and uses.  
  • The applicant must be willing to supply any additional information upon request.  
  • The applicant must personally present and explain his/her business plan to the ProMontreal Entrepreneurs Board.  
  • The applicant must respect the deadlines for submission.  
  • The applicant must provide the Program Manager of ProMontreal Entrepreneurs a recent credit bureau report from Equifax or Trans Union.


PME Board of Directors and Team: Stephen Bronfman, James Alexander, David Sela, Earl Azimov, Geoffrey Gelber, Adam Goldberg, Charles Jacobs, Danny Ritter, Etan Jagermann, Sylvie Tendler, Sharon Stern, Shawn Rozansky, Brandon Svarc, Michael Elman, Jodie Zimmerman Frenkiel, Clarence Epstein, Mickael Kanfi and Katherine Korakakis.