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We believe in our youth and in their infinite potential. We invest in that potential.
ProMontreal Entrepreneurs program offers a number of distinct services to support entrepreneurs.



The ProMontreal Entrepreneurs (PME) program offers a number of distinct services to support entrepreneurs. We offer business plan feedback and guidance, a network of mentors and investors, guidance, and referrals on accessing alternative funding sources. 



Twice a year startups have the opportunity to receive funding via the PME fund. Funding rounds are held in March and in October. Here’s what happens if you become a PME funded business:

The overall goal of the PME fund is to help startups take off. Startups arrive at ProMontreal in different stages. Some are ideas while others have been launched for two years. But whatever stage a Startup is at when they arrive, our goal is to help them to be in dramatically better shape than when they arrived. The program lasts for 6 years or for as long as the balance of the loan is paid in full.

Throughout the duration of the Program, we have a close and intense relationship with our startups. We help them grow in a variety of ways, but the approach is unique as it is specific to the needs of the individual Startup we are working with. The PME Manager provides coaching, access to PME mentors, introductions to other funds/ investors and information on upcoming opportunities (contests, grants etc.).



ProMontreal Entrepreneurs (PME) is a mentor-driven accelerator that helps early-stage businesses. Our mandate is to help entrepreneurs build and strengthen their business roots in Montreal. We provide 50k in capital loans and access to veteran entrepreneurs, angel investors, VCs, and senior executives, as well as perks and services.



Stephen Bronfman (Co-Founder), James Alexander (Co-Founder), Earl Azimov, Geoffrey Gelber, Adam Goldberg, Charles Jacobs, Danny Ritter, Clarence Epstein, Etan Jagermann, Daniel Assouline, Shawn Rozansky, Michael Elman, Jodie Frenkiel Zimmerman, Mickael Kanfi, Brandon Svarc, Sharon Stern, Gregory BenHaim, Dylan Garber, Jerred Knecht, Tami Dubrofsky, Howard Gross and Katherine Korakakis.



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